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2017/1/20 9:53:12


Launched in June 2015, the G5 printer from Projecta Engineering, the first fully-modular digital decoration system, continues to enjoy growing success with the leading companies in the Italian ceramic industry.

由意大利西蒂贝恩特集团旗下Projecta Engineering公司研发的G5喷墨打印机,是全球首个全模块化数字装饰系统,20156月正式发布推出市场至今,成功受到意大利陶瓷龙头企业的青睐,销售呈持续增长趋势。

Marazzi, Atlas Concorde, Coop Imola Ceramica, Florim, Romani Group, Emilceramica and Ceramica Castelvetro are just a few of the prestigious Italian ceramic groups that have chosen the solution to expand and modernise their plants and to adapt their products to the latest trends in architecture and design. In a further boost to Projecta’s role in the large-format ceramic panel sector,GranitiFiandre recently installed G5 for decorating panels up to 1890 mm in length.

包括Marazzi, Atlas Concorde, Coop Imola Ceramica, Florim, Romani Group, Emilceramica这些意大利著名陶瓷集团在内的很多企业已经采用G5这一最新模块化设计的前沿技术。而最近GranitiFiandre公司为配合其长度达1890mm的装饰陶瓷大板的生产安装使用了G5喷墨机, 进一步提高Projecta公司在大板生产领域的影响力。

Modularity, customisation and innovation are the distinctive characteristics that determine the quality and added value of G5 technology. The printer grants the user complete autonomy and creative freedom. In particular, each module can be considered as a single unit and different materials can be combined according to the desired end result, thereby improving the industrial processes and making production more efficient.