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SITI B&T子公司Ancora生产的高速干式磨边机取得销售佳绩

2017/2/28 16:06:23


Ancora, two years ago, revolutionised the market for end of line machines with its innovative Speed Dry squaring machine for dry machining all types of ceramic material, with truly groundbreaking performance and productivity.


Hitherto, the potential of dry grinding was limited by the availability of tools for low hardness ceramic only (white body and double-fired ceramic); however Ancora was able to extend its application to porcelain tile, increasing productivity with this material far beyond the capacity of conventional wet squaring solutions.

迄今为止,干式磨边的使用潜力仍只局限作为低硬度陶瓷(即白坯和二次烧陶瓷)的工具; 然而Ancora能够将其应用扩展到瓷质砖,这种方法远远超过常规的湿式磨边的能力,从而大大提高生产力。

Dry machining has numerous cost and productivity advantages, including system service life and maintenance, energy consumption and wear of diamond tools. These characteristics, combined with Ancora’s renowned service, have made the Speed Dry an enormous success, with 50 machines commissioned over the last year. And the new machine has enjoyed this popularity not just among Italian manufacturers, but also in the major foreign markets: Europe, America and Asia.

干法加工具有很多在成本和生产力上的,包括系统使用寿命和维护、能源消耗和金刚石部件耐磨损等方面的优势。而这些特点再结合Ancora的出色售后服务,使Speed Dry系列在去年成功投产50台机器,创造了佳绩。此新设备不仅在意大利的制造企业受欢迎,欧洲、美洲和亚洲的这些主要国外市场都非常普及。

Ancora’s Speed Dry squaring line also boasts very high production speed, for both classic tile sizes and modern large panels up to 1600x3200mm.

Ancora的干式高速磨边设备生产线无论是加工经典的瓷砖尺寸,还是现代的高达1600 x 3200 mm面积的大陶板,都具有非常高的生产速度。

Its innovative patented system removes thick layers of material with enormous efficiency, so that it can handle up to 30 m of material per minute – even for porcelain tile. This is due to its use of high speed mandrels fitted with a highly effective cooling system and exclusive tools with compressed air cleaning.

其创新的专利系统以极高的效率去除材料厚层,即使是瓷质砖,每分钟也可加工最多30 米的材料,皆因它配备了使用高效冷却系统的高速心轴和压缩气体清洁的专门工具。

Ancora’s business has boomed in 2016, with more than 70% of sales in exports. This growth is due to several factors: the commercial success of its new products (especially the Speed Dry squaring machine); its many sales of finishing machines for ceramic panels, which are themselves growing in popularity; and its increased market penetration in synergy with SITI B&T Group.

2016年,Ancora的业务蓬勃发展,出口销售额占70%以上。这得益于几个因素,一是新产品(特别是干式高速磨边机)的商业成功; 其次是陶瓷大板深加工设备的销售增长,该品类越来越流行; 最后就是有SITI B&T集团作为后盾增强其市场影响力。